As you read this, the Hôtel de Glace, the only ice hotel in North America, is being reconstructed for the new season in Quebec. Inspired by inuit igloos, the hotel first opened its doors in 2001 and so far over half a million visitors have spent a night there just for the experience. Snow archways tower over 5 meters tall and crystal ice sculptures stand by the warmth of the fire and a magnificent ice candelabra is illuminated by optical fibre
Every year the hotel is rebuilt with new designs and sculptures. There’s even an ice chapel and couples regularly get married here.
There are 3 hot tubs a sauna in the Nordic relaxation area and of course the famous Ice Bar with a capacity for 400 people, where cocktails are served in glasses made of ice.
All beds have a solid ice base and a wooden bedspring with a mattress on top. When ready for bed you will slip into an arctic sleeping bag with blanket and pillow and the ambient temperature will remain between -3°C and -5°C, no matter the outside temperature.
There’s a choice of room styles, Theme Suites which contain works of art, snow sculptures each with its own design. Some Them Suites come with a fireplace and the interplay between the fire light from the log fireplace and the ice is delightful.
Theme suites have not only a fireplace but a private spa too. This is truly a fairytale setting complete with a view of Lac St-Jospeh.
This year the hotel is offering packages such as Northern Discovery – hotel stay, a welcome cocktail, dinner, use ot tubs and sauna, buffet breakfast and everything you need for a good night’s sleep. Prices start from $349,50 per person.
Their Winter Experience package also includes dogsledding and starts at £449,50 per person.
Hôtel de Glace, Quebec, Canada
Located at the Station touristique Duchesnay (30 minutes west of Québec City).
You may also consider staying in another hotel in Quebec in order to cut the cost and just treat yourself to a night-or-two in Hôtel de Glace.
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